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What is Sally Sketches?

Pencil sketches of your pet from a photo of your choice.

Raising funds for a local rescue - LurcherSOS - who work to save abandoned sight hounds both in the UK and abroad.

Each sketch is approximately 8"x10" and costs £25 including P&P - All money goes to LurcherSOS

If you send me via email the photo - as many pixels as possible - cameras are best - and when finished I will send you a copy of the sketch and you can then decide if you think I have made a good job of your dog. Only then you pay via Paypal or cheque directly to the charity. All sketches are sent in parcel tubes.

Sally Sketches example


Feel free to send me an email if you have an enquiry for a sketch. I will try to reply to you ASAP, with further details of how to get started.

Email Address:-

Sally Sketches example

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